Digital Trafficker

To buy clients whom they buy to you

It knows that it is to trafficker digital and why is one of the services that more demand has at the moment.

What is to trafficker digital?

we take traffic of quality to your webpage

A Digital Trafficker is the professional in charge to develop and to implement campaigns of pueblicidad in Internet with the goal to increase the traffic towards your webpage and to turn these visits into sales. 

The publicity is evolving leaving to average as the newspaper, the radio or the television of side. Average of publicity where it is not possible to be segmented or simply to measure the conversion. Thanks to the publicity online, its capacity of segmentation and our work you are going to be able to measure the return that you are doing in publicity. In addition, all our campaigns are going to be segmented arriving only and exclusively at clients who are interested in your products or services.


Why is important a Digital Trafficker in my strategy of sales?

The figure of the Digital Trafficker in Cantabria is relatively new. We are going to order to us of controls and to manage the traffic of payment by announcements of your webpage. Our main objective is to communicate and to make arrive a proposal from value of your business and of presenting products or services that you offer. We are going to arrive at a public segmented by ages, sexes, interest, geographic location, etc. Campaigns of Ads focused to sell a public who has interest by your business. 

For which NextelBroadband?

At present very few agencies of publicity online count in their equipment with a profile as the one of Digital Trafficker. In NextelBroadband you are going to be able to enjoy this service in addition and to leave your business online in our hands. 

How we worked.

We develop strategies so that you are able to locate, to attract and to turn visitors into clients.

This type of campaigns is focused mainly to sell products or services by Internet, but they also are used for the obtaining of data that more ahead we can use to make arrive supplies or promotions from our physical businesses. 


Before home with your campaign of publicity in Ads, we are going to realise a target analysis of your company, your present webpage and the resources that you arrange.

Implementation of the campaign

Once planned the campaigns we will begin to execute them of stepped way. In addition, in case of needing changes or improvements in your webpage, it remembers that we are specialistic in design of webpages reason why we would absolutely take care of everything.

Pursuit and optimization

A detailed pursuit of the results and the campaigns. We are going to analyze and to measure the behavior of the users and to realise a continuous optimization of the campaign. Thus we will supervise to the rate of the campaign in the search of the obtaining of some good ratios of €œclick€ to our webpage.

Analysis of results

We are going to give monthly information to you where you are going to be able to see the most excellent data (impressions, visits, conversions, etc.) and to verify as the campaigns are generating benefits.

Campaigns of Ads.

We are going to turn visits into sales.

We are going to design for you a webpage that has reach, turns sales and it helps you to reach your objectives. 



We are going to take to clients interested in your products or services until your webpage



Because we did not live on the visits, we are going to design strategies so that your webpage turns.


Taking traffic to your webpage and with a unique strategy, we are going to obtain that your sales increase. 


Every month you are going to have a report with the impressions, visits and with the return that is having the campaign.


Digital Trafficker.

We began to buy traffic and to turn this traffic into sales for your business?

We offer service of Digital Trafficker in Cantabria