Webpage Hairdressing salon Figuero Santander

DESIGN Webpage Hairdressing salon FIguero Santander

Figuero hairdressing salon is one of the hairdressing salons with more tradition of Cantabria, his founder Pepe Figuero began with this art more ago than 50 years and now they are its children who seguen with this great profession.

In NextelBroadband we have designed and formed a webpage to size and to taste of the client so that the visitor can see all the services of Hairdressing salon Figuero Santander those who visit it, in addition to positioning his webpage in the main web search engines.


  • Design Web Self-managementable
  • Responsive design
  • Photographic news article
  • Positioning SEO

Web: www.peluqueriafiguerosantander.com