Webpage Lies down Online Apidecant

DESIGN Webpage Lies down Online Apidecant

APIDECANT is a factory of beehives and distributors of apicultural material with headquarters in Cantabria. Exclusive dedication to the apicultural production with some facilities equipped with modern and specialized machinery in which all the components of the products elaborate that supply.

In NextelBroadband we have created his store online from zero, designing all the pages of the Web, taken all the photographies and high dice from all the products that they have for sale.


  • Design Web Self-managementable
  • Self-managementable lies down Online
  • Responsive design
  • Positioning SEO
  • News article and photographic edition
  • High of products
  • Discharge and configuration payment footbridges
  • Formation for the store management online

Web: https://www.apidecant.com/