Community Cantabria manager

From NextelBroadband we offer service of Community Cantabria Manager. We are going to manage your social networks and to increase the reach of your activity or marks. It shares your present time and new features with your fans and arrives at a public who every time spends more hours in social networks. We will obtain that more potential clients arrive at your business.


Community Cantabria Manager

We live at a time where the social networks comprise of our day to day and are why one of the last tendencies and methods to enlarge your public and to arrive every time at more people is the promotion of your activity or mark in the social networks.

The social networks are the new form to occur to know, to communicate and to establish relations. In addition, thanks to these tools it is possible to open new communication channels with your clients, people, communities or companies.

From NextelBroadband we want that your experience in social networks is simple and beneficial. Ask about our service of Community Cantabria Manager to us, we will realise a plan of social average more using the known social networks and than better they adapt to your business as they can be Twitter, Facebook or Instagram among others.

design Web wordpress

basic Web wordpress

A design perfect Web WordPress for the companies that want to have a webpage where to show who are, that they are dedicated, schedules of attention to the public, form of contact and all the excellent information of their activity or business of a summarized way and ordinate.

corporative Web wordpress

Thought for those companies that want to offer to their clients something more than basic information. A design Web WordPress to size where we are going to set out all the structured information in such a way that the visitor accedes less than to any service in 3 clicks.

Web wordpress sport clubs

If you have a sports club we are going to make a design of WordPress webpages where you can publish the last news, photographies, classifications, days, access to social networks, sponsoring and where your jugadores/as, become fond of parents, mothers, relatives or are going to visit the sport present time of your club and power to contact with you.

blog of the news

You are great redactor/a fashionable, of technology, sport or of any nature and always you have thought about having your own blog or webpage where to show the world bueno/a to him that you are. Write to us and we will make your design Web WordPress.

Management of social networks in Cantabria

In NextelBroadband we are going to harness the repercussion and image of your company in Internet. In addition, if you have a design of webpages WordPress Cantabria multiplies your reach. 


Community Manager

We are your agency of Community Manager. We leave we are who we manage your social networks.



There are million registered users who can happen to be clients, collaborator or suppliers. It increases your possibilities.



It is the place of leisure of your clients: to communicate to you outside the website is very important so that the client can be felt next to your brand. We are social.



It is your loudspeaker and your center of attention to the client: We increase to your presence and visibility, causing that the promotions and supplies spread quickly.