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You want to improve the SEO of your webpage?

NextelBroadband is the company SEO that you are looking for to improve the positioning of your webpage in finders of the most effective form. We count on an ample experience and a team of consultants SEO that will take to you to be in the first results search. You want to begin to climb in the SERPS of Google.

Positioning SEO.

The birth of Google.

The first finders in Internet were born in years 90. Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. began the boom of the webpages Here, people began to realize that could be made money in Internet. Sure, it is necessary to attract traffic your webpage to sell, and for that you needed to appear more above in the finders. Here the SEO was born.

At present 97% of the searches in Internet are realised in the Google platform and for this reason it turns out fundamental to appear in the first results of searches.

Thanks to our work of positioning Web we are going to obtain that your business, SME or great company appear on the front page of results of Google. You are going to enjoy an exclusive treatment and personal, always you are going to speak with the same person to remove the maximum yield from your business in Internet.

What is the SEO?

The SEO corresponds to the abbreviations €œSearch Experience Optimization€, or what is the same, €œeverything by the user€. We are speaking of a practice that is in constant change and evolution to offer to all the users of Internet the best experience when they make a search from his computer, tablet or smartphone.

Why I need to position my webpage?

As independent, manager of great or a median SME, the SEO of your webpage it is most important if you want to appear in the first results search of Google. When a client or potential client looks for about your activity or business, you must be positioned in the first results search because when you look for something, cuantes times you have gone away to the second or third page of Google. None or very not very often.

For which NextelBroadband?

In NextelBroadband we counted on an ample experience in the world of the Positioning SEO. The clients are many who trust us and we can say proud that to day of today, we counted on 100% of results and satisfaction.

That if, first that you must know it is that the positioning SEO is not obtained from one day to the next. Behind there is a work that requires time to obtain results. That if, the sooner we begin to work together, before these results arrive. 

Positioning Web.


We will work together to remove your project ahead online. We are going to position your webpage or lies down online with the more excellent key words and in the first positions of Google, increasing the number of impressions and visitors. 

Visibility in finders

At present Google is the main finder in Internet. We are going to improve the visibility of your webpage in Internet for appears in the first SERPS of Google. 

Increase of the traffic Web

Don't mention it serves to have the best store, with the best one will escape to you, if it does not pass anybody ahead. We are going to obtain a greater traffic towards your webpage so that the number of sale possibilities grows.

It increases the number of sales

When you look for in Google, whichever times you happen to second or the tarcera page of results. Our goal is to appear on the front page of results with the greater number of key words.

SEO gets hold of

How we worked.

To be or positioned in Google, Yahoo or Bing will cause that the presence online of your business improves and that increases to the number of impressions and visitors towards your webpage.

In order to reach the objectives we are going to draw up to a strategy customized SEO to appear in the first results of searches. 


Audit SEO

We are going to analyze your webpage and all the aspects of SEO On Page being solved all the internal and external problems that can exist. 


Design of strategies

Design of content strategies, campaigns of creation of connections or linkbuilding and press note appearance so that your Web is gaining authority.

Analysis of the competition

We are going to make analissi and pursuit of your competition. What key words position, in which put they appear, I connect entrants, etc. 

Measurement and report of results.

Every month you are going to have a report of results to measure as your webpage is growing.


Positioning Web SEO

We harnessed your project online?

If you want to appear on the front page of results of Google, Bing and Yahoo you do not think more and ponte to it in touch with us to cause that your webpage takes off.