Development of Software for companies in Cantabria

We count with more than fifteen years of experience in the sector of the development of software for companies in Cantabria

Development of Software for Companies

In NextelBroadband we count on a multidisciplinary equipment specialized in the development of software and applications. We became jumbled in the planning, design, development, formation and home of each initiative. We count with more than 15 years of experience that allow us to analyze the needs of each client and to guarantee a correct computer science solution for their company.

Our equipment will carry out a customized work throughout the process of creation of the application, whereas clause all suggestions and adapting the project to its company.

Development of software

We have applications stops: restaurants, hairdressing salons, gymnasiums, real estate, consultant's offices, meat brotherhoods of fishermen, slaughter houses, chatarrer­as, ironworks, factories and commerce generally. 


Application for the daily registry of workday of the workers, according to Real Decree-law 8/2019 of 8 of March.

Several methods for the daily registry exist, with a concrete schedule of home and conclusion of the day of work of each employee, as well as the registry of rests or exits, excluded or not of the day.

  • Registry by means of:
    • Reader of bar codes + card in paper
    • Application Web
    • Reader of Tracks

Commercial management

Warehouse, purchases and sales. Budget and orders. Production and manufacture. Trazabilidad. Statistics. TPV (Terminal Point Sale for Bars, Restaurants, Footwear, etc.). Communications with balances. Orders of work. Work control. Control of risks. Management of adverbance sales/autoventa. Management of vehicles.


General accounting. Systems SII. Remittances. Listings of IVA. Amortizations. Heels/Promissory notes. Analytical. Forecast of collections/payments. Punteos automatic. Modelo 347. Search of you unsquare automatic.

We develop applications stops

Restaurants and Cafeterias (Terminal Point of Venta T¡ctil)

Slaughter houses and slaughters.

Brotherhoods of fishermen and fish markets.

Commerces generally (kiosks, footwear, hairdressing salons, etc.)

Adverbance sales/car sale with Tablet.




Other developments to size.