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We presented our agency to you online.

What we do in NextelBroadband? 

Blue welcome to Social Average, the marketing agency online that you were looking for to give the definitive impulse to your business. We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals with ample experience in the design of webpages, positioning SEO in Google, purchase of traffic online, graphical design and a long list of others. We go to contribute the solutions necessary to be able to put to your business in the place that is deserved and of helping to increase your portfolio you of clients. 

Design of webpages


We like much digital marketing.

What differentiates to us?

That we like what we do. We like our work and you are going it to notice as soon as we begin to work together.

Sure, we do not try to only help you with smiles. In NextelBroadband you are going to find a team of professionals with ample experience in marketing online. We were in constant update to try to offer to all our clients the techniques more outposts. We are going to help you to make profitable your presence in Internet. 

Positioning SEO


Designed webpages to sell.

97% of the searches in Internet are realised in the Google platform and for this reason it turns out fundamental to appear in the first positions of Google.

Thanks to our work of positioning Web we are going to obtain that your company appears on the front page of searches of Google thanks to the SEO Natural Positioning and/or to SEM Google Adwords Positioning.

You are going to enjoy an exclusive treatment and personal, always you are going to speak with the same person to remove your project ahead.


Creation of Webpages.

Designed webpages to sell. In NextelBroadband we were in charge of maintenance of Cantabria webpages:

updates of security, free of virus, daily backup copies, in addition to updating the contents of your site in case therefore you need it.



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